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We, at Midcomp, are grateful for the certificate we have recently received from the Gauteng Provincial Government. The certificate is in recognition of Midcomp’s contribution to education. We regard ourselves as very fortunate to be able to give back to our communities. Delta Choshi, Goodwill Ambassador of Midcomp, reports on the progress of our Read-a-thon project:


I am very happy to report that the Read-a-thon project is doing well. The alphabet/phonics educational charts that Midcomp is providing to disadvantaged schools and non-profitable early-childhood development programs are making a significant improvement. Midcomp has now provided 12 682 students, from various schools in townships and at charitable organisations, with reading material. These charts focus on using phonics methods to teach children the alphabet and methods of spelling. Phonics looks at teaching children how to read by correlating sounds with symbols. We have now added separate charts to encourage numeracy skills at an early age. We are hoping to contribute to building our future mathematicians and accountants. We have also started to provide shapes- and colour charts.

Our next project will be to give everyone a chance to interact with the children through reading, playing and engaging in sports activities. More details to follow soon.

If you would like to contribute to our education initiative by donating books or other reading material that can be used by charitable organisations and schools in need, please contact me at: delta@midcomp.co.za.

 – By Delta Choshi, Goodwill Ambassador of Midcomp

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