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Being part of skills-development for unemployed and underprivileged South African young adults is an honour and this is why we are glad to be joining forces with the Printing SA Digital Printing Module. Seeing the students successfully completing their course and graduate is our reward.

The Module focuses on teaching students about digital printing and covers subjects such as ink, media, printing processes, DTP, file design and colour management. Acquiring these skills launches students on a journey to becoming knowledgable, employable  people in the vast printing industry.

The picture shows Dr Sello Galane, from the Department of Basic Education (far left), a group of graduating students and two of the Midcomp lecturers, Sean Greer (DTP and File Design Module) and Navin Jeewanlall (Colour Management and Ink Module).

– By Sean Greer, Innovations Hub/Marketing Manager

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