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Midcomp’s Latex digital printing machine increases business’s output

This article originally appeared in Sign Africa.

Willem and Andre Bernard, Design Guys.

The addition of an HP Latex 335 digital printing machine – installed by Midcomp – to Design Guys’ print stable has been pivotal in increasing general print output, as there is no need to wait for prints to de-gas, and as a result, the company can print and send directly to any of its national clients.

The HP Latex 335 is a 1.6m wide print and cut system, designed for printing indoor and outdoor materials. It delivers print jobs fast, using healthier Latex water-based inks and produces durable, scratch-resistant prints comparable to hard-solvent inks. Water-based HP Latex Technology is unique – delivering a combination of true application versatility, high image quality, high productivity, and a sustainable approach that is better for operators, businesses and the environment.

‘Colours are accurate and sampling is a breeze. In fact, this printer has taken a lot of work away from some of the other machines,’ said Design Guys’ national manager Andre Bernard, who was also impressed by Midcomp’s service. ‘The service is in a class of its own, especially when comparing it to the service we have received from other print suppliers. They have been absolute professionals from the start and even after the sale was completed – this is where other companies generally disappear. They still check in and make sure that everything is going smoothly. From machine sales to consumables and technical support, they have been faultless.’

Design Guys’ service offering is extensive. More than two decades ago, it comprised mostly of safety and warehousing signs, but as the industry grew, its offering had to keep pace. The company now fabricates intricate signs using all manner of raw materials from plastics, woods, metals and even on occasion concrete and other non-traditional raw materials.

The company generally does not deal with the public, keeping its production pool clean to provide its long standing clients and targeted industries the service that they enjoy and have grown accustomed to. ‘We pride ourselves on these tight-knit relationships as they have been pivotal to our success, and have enabled us to reach new markets outside of South Africa and insulate us during these tumultuous times,’ added Bernard.

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