“The best printer in the world is the worst printer when it does not work”

This reality spurred Midcomp on to create an alternative to simply living with the fact that your Printer or Finishing system is down until the supplier gets round to fixing it. For over five years Midcomp has offered a Disaster Recovery Service to our customers such that our customers production does not have to be impacted by downtime. Then we decided to extend our Value Add Services to include Overcapacity Relief. Under this program our customer’s peak demands are alleviated by using our Innovation Hub to help them complete their production on time and maintain their own customer relationships.

Potential customers who see the bigger picture understand, and value, these valued add services. Our Innovation Hub is World Class, demonstrating the latest and greatest technology in Digital printing and Finishing. Customers and potential customers also enjoy the ability to test various medias and processes in our iHub

not just a
demo facility

Make an appointment with one of our media specialists to view our wide range of media available and receive advice on the best substrates for your applications.