Why is it so important?

Sustainable printing is becoming a must in a complex and changing landscape. This trend goes beyond environmental impacts, considering also people and society. Governments are increasing focus on regulations, but also brands and consumers want to be environmentally responsible. Not being green is not a choice and has negative consequences.

Offering a better consumer experience has been a source of significant disruption recently as many business owners are trying to understand what is the most environmentally friendly options. If you are in the printing industry you might want to consider offering a future proof solution with the highest environmental accreditations, HP Latex! Water-based HP Latex Inks provides an attractive environmental and health profile to both print service providers and their customers. With credentials addressing indoor air quality concerns, HP Latex Inks produced odorless prints that can be used for indoor signage and décor, such as home, restaurants, retail, or even hospitals.

Don’t fall for “greenwash” advertising by suppliers and brands that only pay lip service to gain business. Midcomp (Pty) Ltd. is a HP Amplify Impact 3-Star Catalyst Partner for driving sustainability. From training our employees through this programme to leading our sales with sustainability, we are helping customers by making an impact through more sustainable choices and knowledge. Be an industry leader by getting ahead of the curve to ensure you have a competitive advantage by driving and supporting sustainable printing with HP Latex technology.

Latex is better

Expand your applications
into sensitive markets


  • Hospitals
  • Consultation Rooms 
  • Rehabilitation Centres


  • Pre-Primary
  • Primary School 
  • High-schools
  • Tertiary Institutions


  • Restaurants
  • Markets
  • Food Courts
  • Supermarkets


  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Customised Campaigns