PPU Programme

Enjoy peace of mind with no unexpected costs. Subscribe to a fixed monthly cost per m2 based on your location. No minimum print volume required. PPU covers your ink supplies, printheads, cleaning cartridges, services, maintenance kits, labour, travel and spare parts.

Your ideal solution for cost-efficient printing.

Available with new printer acquisitions or to existing HP Latex users even if you’re not a Midcomp customer.

Instead of a fixed minimum charge we now offer a tiered, or variable, cost per square meter based on the volume actually printed in the month to be billed or invoiced. The more you print the less you pay per square meter. The less you print the more you pay per square meter.

Your printer (and cutter/heatpress if applicable), RIP Software, consumables (excl. media), service costs and insurance are covered under this tiered rate system. Midcomp will install a printing system at your premises and simply charge you a predetermined variable rate per square meter that you print.

At the end of every month you will be sent a spreadsheet detailing the jobs you have printed in that month as well as the total square meters printed.  We apply the variable rate per square meter and send you one invoice.