end-to-end solutions for sewn products

Computerised Marker/Grading Systems have been proven to save fabric in the production of textile products including clothing, upholstery, automotive, furniture. Savings of between 2% and 10% are likely depending on the type of fabric and the type of pattern pieces. All major clothing manufacturers in South Africa utilise Computerised Marker/Grading Systems for this reason above all others. Polynest, from Polygon Software in the USA, is the most cost effective Marker/Grading System available. With over 50 licenced installations in South Africa it is the most popular software solution for small to medium sized clothing companies.

Paired with our HP Stitch range of Dye Sublimation printers we can show a complete workflow for sportswear manufacture from initial pattern design to grading (sizing) of the pattern pieces, making the markers (nesting) for the specific size combinations required, imposing the bespoke design onto the patterns that make up the sportswear garment, printing the marker (nest), sublimating the marker and digitally cutting the individual pattern pieces on a Zünd single ply cutter. All that is left is sew and sell!



Polygon/PolyNest Brochure