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Midcomp announces software for productive and efficient prepress workflow

This article originally appeared in Sign Africa.

PrimeCenter acts as a control centre for generating print and cut files, helping to create an efficient and productive prepress workflow. Users can create nested print and cut layouts in just a few clicks.

The software was developed by Caldera and inspired by Zünd Systemtechnik AG. Although the product was designed to work seamlessly with Caldera RIP software and Zünd Swiss cutting systems, the software outputs PDF’s that can be used with any printer, including: HP, Roland, Mimaki, swissQprint and EFI VUTEk, and with almost any digital cutting system.


  1. The option to perform bleed and trim boxes directly in PrimeCenter reduces the number of steps required in prepress, saving users time.
  2. Automated true-shape nesting maximises material yield and helps boost printing capacities.
  3. Eliminates errors: incorrect data creates potential bottlenecks that can stall the workflow. Preflight checks ensure a smooth and efficient process.
  4. Optimises workflows: print and cut production workflows require simple and flexible file preparation. PrimeCenter lets users define their own workflows.
  5. Simplifies file preparation: the ability to simplify and automate file preparation saves time. In a few clicks, users can create print and cut jobs that are ready to go.
  6. PrimeCenter Basic

Retain complete control over each step in a manual workflow. Go through each step relevant to the file-preparation process – simply and intuitively.

PrimeCenter Pro

Create an unlimited number of recipes and apply individual functions in a semi-automated workflow. Combine the required prepress steps in recipes specific to each type of job or application.

PrimeCenter Max

Execute recipes automatically. Create an unlimited number of input/output hot folders for simple drag and drop workflows and use XML-based job tickets from your MIS, ERP and web shop.

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