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Drytac Film Used For Graphics In Popular TV Series Event

Global Printing Enterprises opted for Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 as the material for all of the event graphics in a recent project. The media not only delivered print quality, but also helped the team to overcome a particularly tricky challenge when it came to installing the graphics.

This article originally appeared in: Sign Africa.

‘Ontario-based large format printing company Global Printing Enterprises recently used the film to produce a series of colourful graphics for the Toronto edition of the ‘FRIENDS™ Experience’ event, an interactive celebration of the iconic TV show.

To help promote the event, Superfly X reached out to Global Printing Enterprises to print a range of graphics and hoardings at Yorkdale Mall. These were installed at the centre square of Yorkdale Shopping Centre to draw the attention of passers-by.

The eye-catching entrance graphics replicated the famous picture frame installed around the door fisheye in one of the apartments on the show. Other graphics installed outside of the event venue included wayfinding signage, large QR codes that fans could scan to book tickets instantly, as well as famous quotes and phrases from the show.

In total, the graphics covered an area of more than 1394 square metres (15,000 square feet), but took the team at Global Printing Enterprises, working in partnership with installation specialist Install Nation, just five days to print and install.

‘The base wall had been painted over vinyl graphics, creating a difficult surface to adhere any type of graphics film to,’ Global Printing Enterprises President Carlo Toscano said. ‘In consultation with Dennis LeBlanc from Drytac, we decided to use an old school multi-layer installation technique.’

‘When you look at the wall in its entirety, it looks as if we printed the background and graphics at the same time, when in reality, the back black and purple were applied first. Then came the challenge. Using laser levels, the team at Install Nation installed with precision all the components on top of the already installed panels. It’s a longer process, but when done properly and with highly skilled installers it makes for a clean and symmetrical image.’

Toscano added that the flexibility of Drytac ReTac Smooth 150, in particular the ability to install the film quickly and for it to remain affixed with the ability for removability, was essential in the project.

‘This product allows the client to change the message if required, update the marketing and add components to the wall without removal of the entire graphic,’ Toscano said. ‘The science behind the adhesive is genius, and without it we couldn’t have completed this project in the manner we did.’

All of the graphics were printed on an HP Latex 3100, which meant the company was able to use dual roll printing for maximum printing speeds. ‘Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 works extremely well with HP inks; which provide consistent bright and vivid printing with all the advantages of an environmentally friendly ink product that meets indoor air quality standards,’ Toscano said.

‘We believe in using products that are environmentally friendly and, where possible, products that are PVC-free or manufactured using recycled products. Especially for this indoor project, the use of HP inks was essential in providing a safe environment for everyone inside the mall.’

Toscano added, ‘The client was impressed with not only the quality of print and installation, but also the solution to use multiple layers, as it offered a cost-effective way to introduce new graphics and elements as required.’

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