Expand your capacity and move beyond the traditional signage printing jobs. With HP Latex technologies you can unlock additional revenue streams with vinyl printing and many other new application offerings.

Outdoor and Event Banners

Create crisp outdoor banners

Draw new customers with building covers and banners that stay crisp outdoors thanks to unique scratch-resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks on SAV and PVC banners. Prints can last outdoors up to 3 years, un-laminated, and up to 5 years laminated.

Retail | Point Of Sale

Eye-catching Promotional displays

Create eye-catching promotional displays on all types of paper, including low-cost uncoated and traditional offset papers. Draw the attention of customers and help shoppers make the purchase decision near the checkout point of a shop, where it matters most.

Vehicle Graphics

Specialised Cast Vinyl Printing

Laminate right after printing—no need to wait for prints to dry. Specialised cast vinyl printing produced with HP Latex Inks and cast over-laminates provide durable performance – standing up to the demands of the road while the flexible ink layer conforms to the most complex surfaces.


High-Value Backlit Applications

Light up the night and deliver striking, high-value backlit applications. Exceed the expectations of your customers and produce dazzling, eye-catching and detailed prints of up to 1200 dpi on a range of backlit printing materials including paper, film, polypropylene and textiles.


Highly Productive Textile Printers

Expand into high-value applications and give your point of sales applications an extra dimension with thermoformed prints, amazing colours, and the glossiest of whites. Achieve the same look across rigid and flexible campaigns using one technology and say goodbye to print and mount.

Wall Coverings & Decals

High-Quality Wall Coverings

Expand your earning capacity and see new profit potential with stunning, high-quality wall coverings. HP Latex Inks mean that your production is not held back by drying time, so you can move straight from production to installation and the HP WallArt solution helps you get up and running quickly.


Stretched Gallery-Wrap to Wide-Format Canvases

Yield higher margins with everything from stretched gallery-wrap to wide-format canvases up to 3.2 m (10.5 ft). Thanks to HP Latex technologies, you can stretch and fold without cracking and eliminate the need for lamination.


Produce Detailed & Durable Images

Say yes to short runs and create high-impact customized packaging with a short-run printer. Flexible HP Latex inks allow superb bending and folding without cracking allowing for thermoformed printing as well.

Window Coverings

Print Any Designs

Capture accelerating growth in a huge new market – add colour, design, and brand identity to window blinds, shades, and indoor window treatments. With HP Latex, you can print any design directly onto the material.

Custom Apparel | Fashion | Sportswear | Décor | Soft Signage

Easy-to-deploy Solutions

Enter the world of high-margin fabric applications that drive business growth while satisfying shifting customer trends.
Whether you’re printing on fabrics for displays, fashion items, team uniforms, home décor, and more, HP’s textile printers—namely HP Latex and HP Stitch dye sublimation printers—enable sharp, vivid graphics on textiles as well as consistent colour year after year.



We offer you a range of digital printers (plotters) and scanners for the professional production and processing of technical documents, GIS map printing, CAD plan printing and POS (point-of-sale) material. Ideal for use in the Construction industry, Architecture, Engineering and general office use where quality output is a high priority. Produce, and process, technical documents with precision, detail and in bold colour. Work at speed while delivering excellence.