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Midcomp installs large-format Latex machine

This article originally appeared in Sign Africa.

Nhlanhla Mashisani, Hangwani Mananhela, Herbert Chaunzwa and Ephraim Mashisani, Nyalu Communications.

Midcomp has installed an HP Latex 1500 at Nyalu Communications. The machine prints up to 74sqm per hour, prints double-sided backlit applications and its prints are dry and scratch-resistant immediately after printing.

Running costs are reduced with cost-effective five litre HP ink cartridges. Additional features include unattended printing with robust roll-to-roll design, as well as an optional roll-to-freefall, which enables the prints in a long run to be cut and moved to finishing.

Nyalu Communications, which has been in business for around 15 years, started off as a promotional printing business, namely with T-shirts and caps, before venturing into embroidery. Soon after, the company grew into large format printing and purchased its first Latex printer, a 2.7m machine, from Midcomp back in 2012.

‘We had to upgrade – we needed something much more aggressive,’ said Nyalu owner Ephraim Mashisani, who explained the motivation behind the purchase. Mashisani said his company needed more square metreage per hour as the business and demands began to grow. ‘The machines help us a lot by reducing the time it takes to complete a project.’

The company, which is more project-based with few walk-ins, now has a printer that can help them meet tight deadlines, eliminating the need to out-source and thereby creating big savings. The printer can also process jobs for clients that require larger sized products.

Mashisani said the printer will open markets for outdoor applications as Latex technology is best for these. The company is targeting petrol stations that use flags and PVC banners for advertising campaigns that are run on a monthly basis and is currently printing vinyl for crash barriers, A-frame banners and car branding.

The image quality was praised by Mashisani, as was the service from Midcomp, ‘Midcomp’s service is always great,’ he said, further adding that after-sales service normally determines whether the service is good or not. ‘Normally after you buy a machine and phone the company for support, they are too busy to speak to you, but with Midcomp it is different. They will always make a plan for you if you experience problems.’

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