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University Students Use Zünd Cutter To Produce Architecture Model

Second-year students in spatial practices from Ravensbourne University London produced a white card physical convivial architecture model using their Zünd cutter as part of their BA (Hons) Architecture and BA (Hons) Interior Design Environment Architecture courses.

This article originally appeared in: Sign Africa.

‘The students created a white card physical convivial architecture model, a 3D blueprint of the intended design, which is typically used at the final stages of a project as it conforms to very specific requirements.

The team’s architectural investigation was focused on the relationship between the public room (at the scale of the body) and the urban form (the city). The students were told to study the form of interior and exterior rooms, façade articulation, scale and rhythm in works of architecture within the City of London. Nikos Nikiforos, Head of Prototyping said ‘Our second-year students did some excellent models using our Zünd cutter and white cards. So, we decided to contact Zünd and asked if they wanted to feature this outstanding contribution.’

Dean Ashworth, Sales and Marketing Director at Zünd UK said, ‘We’re absolutely delighted that Ravensbourne University London students get so much practical use out of their Zünd cutter. We hope that their hands-on experiences will equip them well, ahead of venturing into an increasingly automated industrial world.’

Ravensbourne University London said, ‘Experiences such as this one help to prepare our students for the type of work they may be doing following graduation. This follows an educational webinar that Zünd had delivered to our students on 11 June 2020, explaining how digital cutters have developed and are now used across various industries. This piece of work is just one example of creativity and forward-thinking that our students display.’

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