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Midcomp’s Latex Printer and Cutting solution ensure client satisfaction

This article originally appeared in Sign Africa.

Print Corp owners Charlene and JP Pretorius.

Since installing an HP L570 printer and HP 160 1.6m vinyl cutter, Print Corp has reported that its business has seen growth in overall operational efficiencies.

Water-based HP Latex Technology is unique – delivering a combination of true application versatility, high image quality and high productivity, and a sustainable approach that is better for operators, businesses and the environment.

The cutter features a drag-knife with TurboCut and Tangential emulation modes, with a cut speed of up to 113cm/sec diagonal. ‘When we were looking to buy a printer, we had a few boxes to tick,’ said JP Pretorius, owner, Print Corp. ‘We wanted our print work to be ready to use immediately after printing. That is exactly what we got with the HP L570. It does not matter what material you print on, everything is ready straight out of the printer to applicate or laminate.’

‘We had to have a printer that was extremely versatile with regards to media. With the new generation Latex inks, you are able to print on a wide variety of media, even textiles. We had to have a printer that used eco-friendly inks, so the water based latex inks were a perfect fit. We also needed a printer that did not take up a lot of space. With the front loading system of the HP, you can put the printer right up against a wall and save a lot of space.’

Johannesburg-based Print Corp are specialists in signage (light-boxes, billboards, cut-out letters, vehicle branding, flags and banners), wide format latex printing, UV flatbed printing, direct to substrate printing, textured printing, T-shirts and promotional items, logo design, company ‘look and feel’, display designs and promotional material.

Pretorius has been very impressed by Midcomp’s service. ‘We where blown away by Midcomp from the very first day that we met salesperson Darryl Braithwaite. Midcomp became more than just a supplier – we feel like family when we walk into their offices. We were so happy with their way of doing business that we bought a flatbed printer from them as well and they still don’t cease to amaze us with their support and service.’

Pay Per Use (PPU) is a comprehensive and customised programme, created by Midcomp, that ensures users pay a fixed ‘per square metre’ charge for the square metres they print. ‘The unique PPU option that we took when we bought the printer gives you such peace of mind that you do not have to worry about ink, service charges, repairs and parts,’ added Pretorius.

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