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Midcomp Azero installs latest print technology at University of Pretoria

This article originally appeared in Sign Africa.

Jason McBean, University of Pretoria, with the HP PageWide XL 5100.

An HP PageWide XL 5100, supplied by Midcomp Azero, was recently added to the HP Pixel printing lab at the University of Pretoria’s Department of Architecture.

The printer equips enterprise print rooms, central reprographic departments and reprographic houses to produce enhanced mid-volume production in both colour and monochrome at very high speeds independent of file application, size or complexity combined with high level security features.

Jason McBean, control instructor at the University of Pretoria’s Department of Architecture said, ‘We were looking to replace our old equipment, and we needed a plotter that had low running and maintenance costs, as our old equipment was getting rather expensive to keep running. We chose the HP PageWide XL 5100, which will with no doubt meet our needs.’

‘We can also offer our students a more competitive print cost – reducing the price for the prints so that we can be more competitive with other print shops in the area. The printer will enable us to meet the end of the year demand for prints, which will be a great relief. We managed to replace three old machines with this new addition in the HP Pixel Lab.’ McBean concluded that he has dealt with Midcomp Azero for the past year and a half and found their services very professional and helpful.

Midcomp Azero is the sole licence holder for the HP PageWide XL range. Printing speeds include up to 30 A1 prints per minute, with ultra-fast processing capabilities, which substantially frees up users’ time. Another benefit is reduced running and print costs. ‘We would like to thank the University of Pretoria for granting us the opportunity to assist with the upgrade of their HP Pixel Lab,’ said Midomp Azero’s general manager, Mariana Raath.

‘Users in various established entities of the mining, civil and geographical markets have enjoyed not only the fast, secure, cost-effective and low energy rating of the HP PageWide XL itself but also the exceptional services that Midcomp Azero has provided for them. From maintenance, services, rentals, contracts and consumable provisions like paper and ink, all the user’s printing needs are met,’ said Raath.

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